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Terms of Use

This is a license agreement between you & your Company and DezignStocks.com that explains how you can use photos that you license from DezignStocks. By downloading content from DezignStocks, you accept the terms of this agreement.

This agreement applies to all the licenses issued via the web and via local sales representatives, and is applicable to online delivery of the licensed material. By ordering a license, licensee, designated end user and purchaser, is confirming that it has capacity to enter into a contract under its local laws.


Rights of Use


Royalty Free Stocks

Royalty Free stock photos are in many cases interpreted as free photos.  This is not true.  Royalty Free means that the purchaser can use the photo multiple times on multiple projects with few restrictions, and without having to pay further royalties for said use.  Royalty free photos can be used in a project, campaign, or on multiple print materials.  In simple terms, if you make a brochure with a Royalty Free image you can also make a poster, a business card and a banner with no further charges applied to your account.


Non-exclusive Rights

DEZIGNSTOCK provides the images under Non-exclusive rights which means that the same can be used multiple times for multiple project for a period of LIFETIME by your client and at the same time other people can buy the image which you have licensed. Also the image is the sole property of DezignStocks.com.

The food images available on DezignStocks.com are especially meant for graphic designers & food packaging designs. All the contents & the images available on DezignStocks.com are the result of the immense creativity, brainstorming & splendid photo shoot of DezignStocks.com. DezignStocks.com has full authority to make any amendments to its contents & images at any point of time without any prior notice.


Licensed Content

DezignStocks.com allows their user to undergo the usage of their creations with watermark only till the payment is not received by the company and these watermark images can be applied by the user in their final design file, newspaper, catalogue, website etc.


Watermark Photo

DezignStocks.com permits their user to use watermark images for demo purposes only for file designing, newspaper, catalogue, website etc. If the user publishes these watermark images/designs on their newspaper, catalogue, website etc without the payment it’s unlawful & illegal.